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What is Sorare?

Sorare is a blockchain-based football game popular with many football fans around the world. The creators of the stadium want to give fans the opportunity to develop and play the game, even when they can't play it on the field. Users can buy, trade, sell and manage a visual team with digital player cards.

By competing with other users of this legendary football game, you can earn points. It’s more than just playing visual tournaments because you need to build strategies and create lines. The more you know about the real play of your players, the more points you get.

The Ethereum-based platform was upgraded in 2018. By 2020, Sorare players trading cards will be sold for $ 52,500 and by 2021, prices will rise to $ 3.6 million.

How to play Sorare?

Playing Sorare is something different than following the league on TV. As a manager, you can put together a visual team - this Sorare beginner's guide to give you a start. At the core of the game are collectable digital cards, better known as non-sworn tokens (NFTs). When users sign up for the Sorare game, they receive five player cards for free.

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Users can get started quickly without investing. But, is Sorare free to play? Yes, that's right, but if you want to expand your game, you can start trading. Each football team has five key positions: goalkeeper, full-back, midfielder, striker and substitute. Users purchase these player cards at the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Based on real-time football players, your team is awarded a number of points within the SO5 league games.

User players compete each week in visual tournaments, and based on their performance in the visible area points are awarded. Is the player being punished with a red card or is the soccer player scoring a goal in real life? Then win or lose points in the game accordingly.

As a user, you will see this display in the number of points, either positively or negatively. Remember that luck is also important because a top player can also relax and sit on the bench. As soon as you get this player listed on your team, again - I was amazed.

In order to protect the power of the game, there are also rare NFT collections, which come in unusual, unique and very rare formats. Last February, a professional soccer player Erlin Haalands sold the auction for about $ 700,000, and you could follow the live sale on Twitter. Sorare NFTs can be bought or sold with cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).

Should you invest in Sorare?

Choosing to invest in Sorare is not for us to tell you, but we can inform you about the importance of Sorare cards. At the end of 2021, the auction prices were as follows:

Extraordinary cards are available at 0.005 ETH;

Extraordinary cards from 0.048 ETH;

Different cards start at 0.478 ETH.

Directly on the website, you can track all trades and statistics to always be aware of the value of your future cards.

A game to earn money using its own currency, the SOR token. It is an ERC-20 token compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. As a user, you can place this token or use it to trade with your Sorare NFTs. If you choose to enter SOR, you are likely to generate revenue. However, the token is widely used to purchase new cards that are collected.

How can you get points from Sorare?

There is a heated debate in various forums about the number of players' cards in Sorare, but the stadium itself just makes the point public. You can find it under the FAQ on the Sorare site. Players' points are made up of a few elements, as mentioned in the picture below:

The final point can be bad or good because of various things like goals, penalties, red and yellow cards, your goals, missed chances and assists. The total point is determined by a list of no less than 40 actions including a fight, duels lost or won, a missed pass or an opportunity created.

When users carry a football captain card, they receive a bonus of 20% points. Should they trade a player for the ongoing season, it is worth + 5%.

Source: cointelegraphy

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