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DeFi Kingdoms is a combination of game and DEX platform, without one or the other.

It does not have the usual game-playing features like battles and participatory demands (yet), and the main goal of players is to make a profit with their tokens. However, its immersed world plays all the common features of DEX. Sounds like playing Stardew Valley or Runescape rather than focusing on SushiSwap.

In addition to setting aside and financing, users can also purchase NFT heroes with different features and classes. These can include new heroes and perform tasks to discover the contents of the game. The developers also promised to fight other game features in the future, which could greatly enhance the P2E capabilities of DeFi Kingdom. “The kingdoms” and the world are coming.

The Defi Kingdom's largest money pool contains the game's dominant price token, JEWEL, and ONE, Harmony token. Over the past few months, this LP has had an APY of 300-400%, and this figure has jumped sharply with the launch of Crytalvale as users have flocked to transfer their funds to a new location and its pool.

JEWEL released in LPs is classified as unlocked and unlocked. The user can access this latest immediately after withdrawing or claiming a profit, while the first one will be opened gradually over the next 4 months. This tokenomic feature is designed to stabilize price.

What is Crystalvale?

Local users see it when connecting to a game on DFK Chain called Crystalvale. Since its launch, the main features of the world map are:

Jewelry: Players can wear their own tokens.

Marketplace: Players can exchange tokens, create LP tokens, and buy or sell in-game items.

Gardens: Players can install and manage their LPs.

Docks: Players can collect tokens and go to Serendale.

Cradle: A mysterious place, guarded by a dragon with a large crystal in its core. (Purpose and history are currently unknown.)

By launching its dedicated series, DFK Chain, DeFi Kingdoms hopes to gain more control over the user experience, including speed and end-to-end performance.

CRYSTAL is a Crystalvale price tag, and its price since April 10 was $ 12.28. JEWEL will be the Crytalvale gas token, which is a trip from Serendale where users need to hold ONE to pay for gas.

How Did DFK Break The Synapse Bridge?

DeFi Kingdoms acquires Crystal by providing liquidity to Crystalvale. In anticipation of the big APY, DeFi Kingdoms players are eagerly waiting for the doors of Crystalvale to open so that they can integrate JEWEL with their xJEWEL (which is the only pair of cash currently available.)

The only two ways to connect the bridge were by traditional DeFi regimes or through the Synapse Bridge, which has the added advantage of providing a consistent token status. The expansion of enthusiasm has created a dash of a large door for users.

The large number of bridges installed in the DeFi Kingdoms caused a huge congestion which was one thing at the time of launch. Users reported waiting 6 and 7 hours to see their tokens from Crystalvale.

Most would say that the wait was worth it once they saw an APY of more than 4,000%. Since the time of writing, APY has briefly reached more than 4,800%, but has changed between 3,000% and 4,000%.

The biggest fear of former DeFi Kingdoms players was that the expansion would ruin the JEWEL price as users move to a CRYSTAL-dominated area. As of April 11, the price of JEWEL has dropped by 40% since March 30.

Is Crystalvale Entering Future Plans?

With the launch of Crystalvale and rumors of further extensions to other chains, DeFi Kingdoms looks set to create a multi-chain fantasy RPG atmosphere. However, after passing Axie Infinity into a major blockchain game, it is unclear how much space is left for growth by users alone.

Therefore, it will be important to see if DeFi Kingdoms is able to find users for other Avalanche projects in the next few months.

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