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If you do not understand why NFT is such a big thing now you can buy it from vending machines, you are not alone.

It can be confusing even if you have been a collector for a long time, whether it is your choice of stamps, coins, or Beanie Babies. Because at least when our hobbies started, you got something tangible of what you paid for.

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Non-sworn tokens, or NFT, are a way to have a piece of digital content, be it an image or a gif.

But for some it is not the most appealing idea. However, some people who want to enter the NFT market are thinking of ways to make their offerings more appealing to us who would not be happy with the idea of ​​being the sole owner of a random meme.

Take Bill Murray, who always has a good sense of humor about everything from foreign gods to groundhogs.

Not to mention the mad hipster street cred from his regular engagement with indie lover Wes Anderson.

The veteran actor has decided to work with The Chive on a special NFT project that will look back on his stable career in a special way.

But those who decide to buy from it will find something much more cool, much cooler than a digital file: Exploring Murray's Life Pieces.

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