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The MetaBrewSociety (MBS) based in Munich will soon be providing voting rights in the business decisions of the nonprofit donor (NFTs) and non-governmental organizations (DAO).

MBS was launched in February this year by a group of NFT beer-loving investors and entrepreneurs who came up with the idea of ​​merging the brewery with Metaverse, DAO and NFTs to build a “portable IRL portable facility” for participants.

As part of the project, MBS will provide multiple certificates for "beer share" tokens that offer various levels of management rights over the existing Liich brewery in Metaverse. Sandbox is considered a potential site.

All NFTs will give the owner the right to at least 100 free cans of beer per year, while NFT sales help finance the purchase and evaluation of the brewery. Once the visible space has been purchased, the project will then create a DAO comprising NFT owners.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, the founder and CEO of MBS, Holger Mannweiler, noted that DAO will play a key role in the development of a thriving business, while also playing a key role in consumer research:

"DAO will take all the big business decisions we will produce, how we will set prices for non-NFT, where we will sell them, etc."

"The beauty of this DAO is that it also represents a large target group permanently, something that some consumer brands need to spend a lot of time and money on," he added.

The MBS will introduce a total of 6,000 NFTs in two phases, and initial access will be granted to authorized members on an unspecified date soon. Once 75% of the NFT is done, MBS will purchase an existing site that will have its name changed to “MetaBrewery.”

Mannweiler said the project is likely to "release an annual beer grant to NFT owners as a separate NFT so they can sell it / make money if they don't need beer in a certain year or hold more NFTs. They can drink."

MBS will also use its Metaverse-based variant of its liquor company as a way to increase project exposure, while also acting as an online store to purchase its own breweries.

Mannweiler emphasized that Web3 concepts such as DAOs and NFTs could help promote and create “even old-fashioned products” as they allow for the creation of dedicated communities that can continuously shape the company’s trajectory:

“The NFTs community is a fully targeted group of young beer lovers who can help shape and revitalize any genre by directing it to brands and product experience that are directly related to the target group. “

"If the owners of the NFT love what they find they will be our great ambassadors and will help to bring friends and family to the knowledge of MetaBrewSociety and thus lay the foundation for the madness to come," added Manniler.

A co-founder said MBS could introduce a second NFT decline if the option of a second brewery becomes a reality in the future.

“Regarding the additional tokens there are a few options that we will explore with our DAO. First of all, we may abandon many NFTs to buy more alcohol… which we may be following if we see the need for our approach to be high enough, ”he said.

Source: cointelegraphy

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