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Major cryptocurrency exchange FTX has announced a new partnership with Naomi Osaka. A four-time tennis grand slam champion, he will serve as a platform spokesperson to make Bitcoin and other digital assets “more accessible”.

FTX announced via the official Twitter account. The platform shared a promotional video focused on Osaka, and its core message is consistent with its claim to make cryptocurrency easy for everyone.

On, on the other hand, I pointed out a new partnership through a Twitter account. Tennis Champion mentioned the legendary players of NFL Tom Bradie, who worked with FTX for the purpose of the former secret model of his wife, Gisel Bündchen and NBA player Stephen Curel.

Osaka said Sam BankManfried CEO on the Crypto Exchange Platform:

Stephen Curry, Tom Bradie and Gisel Bunden, you know, too! Work to travel forward with FTX and SAM BANKMANFRIED.

Curry has revealed that Bradie and Bundchen have revealed partnerships in June 2021.

Crypto Exchange provides promotion of digital assets by promoting and providing important partnerships to main orders.

In 2021, the platform has now acquired the name of the Miami hot-rolled stadium called the FTX Stadium. It was noted outside the industry and out of the industry, and some users have been recognized as a sign of aging.

Recently, Comic Book Larry David and NFL FTX AirRead during the super ball of advertising. As in Osaka's framework, commercial commercial bowls are attracting digital assets with future finances and the next steps, and attracting digital assets.

According to the New York Post, the NFL legend recently "persuaded" her partner FTX to donate BTC to a fan-chosen charity. This man bought a soccer ball worth over half a million dollars. The item lost value after Brady decided to end his abrupt retirement from the sport.

The Life of a Crypto Ambassador
Currently, Brady appears to be the most active FTX ambassador. NFL stars are very active on social media and often interact with cryptocurrency users and founders.

source: yahoo

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May 20,2022

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