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The Hacktivist Anonymous Group has promised to "make sure" Terra founder Do Kwon is "brought to justice very soon" in connection with the collapse of the Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) ecosystem in May.

On Sunday, a video allegedly released from the Anonymous hacker group reconfigured Kwon's list of misappropriated clothing, including $ 80 million a month in LUNA and UST before its collapse, and his role in the collapse of a stable coin. -Basis Cash. , Do Kwon allegedly co-authored under the false name “Rick Sanchez” by the end of 2020:

“Kwon, if you listen, it is sad that nothing can be done to make up for the damage you have done. In the meantime, the only thing we can do is hold you accountable and ensure that you are brought to justice as soon as possible. ”

The hijacking group said it would be monitoring Do Kwon's actions since he took the crypto space to disclose his allegations.

"Anonymous looks at the entire history of Do Kwon since entering the crypto space to see what we can learn and expose it," the group said.

"There is no doubt that many cases will be found in your destructive course."

The hijacking group also criticized Kwon for his "arrogant tactics" for trampling on rivals and critics and for "pretending not to fail."

Founded in 2003 on 4chan, Anonymous is a well-known international activist group known for organizing cyber attacks against government agencies, agencies, NGOs and the Science Council.

In June 2021, the same YouTube channel approached Tesla CEO Elon Musk for allegedly "endangering lives" using his power and influence on Twitter to play with crypto markets. The video has an estimated 3.4 million views since Monday.

It is noteworthy that there are many YouTube channels that claim to be affiliated with the Anonymous hijacker. However, there is a general consensus that there is no official YouTube channel for the group, given its status of isolation and anonymity.

Mixed reactions from the community

YouTube and public video commenters on Twitter appeared to strongly support the bandit's promise to follow Kwon, another commentator calling Anonymous "Today's Robinhood."

However, the video message created further suspicion on the r / CryptoCurrency subreddit, where users criticized the hacking team for issuing an empty threat to Kwon and not providing new information to the public, one commenting:

"Anonymous is now grown [...] This anon video is not so threatening that it's almost weird."

While one says, "they can expect to reveal something but nothing more, nothing."

It seems that, at the moment, Kwon is likely to have major, tangible threats to worry about.

Terraform Labs, whose founder Do Kwon is currently under investigation, has been widely investigated by South Korean authorities, including allegations of Bitcoin (BTC) embezzlement.

In May, a popular financial crime intelligence unit called the "Grim Reapers of Yeouido" was revived by South Korea to investigate the fall of Terra. The team consists of various regulators and will focus on prosecuting fraud and illegal trading systems.

Later that month, Korean authorities called on all employees of Terraform Labs to investigate any internal role in market fraud.

The company was also fined $ 78 million by South Korea's national tax agency for tax evasion.

Source: cointelegraph

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